Holiday Shopping the TREDAGAIN way.

Holiday Shopping the TREDAGAIN way.

November 28, 2017

At TREDAGAIN, the holiday season is a time to make good food, show our appreciation to those around us, rejoice in our community and express gratitude for all that is good.  We are each concerned with the way in which we celebrate, and want to make sure our holidays are joyful and conscientious.  To that end, here are some highlighted gift giving options to get you started on sustainable, mindful gifting for the people you are grateful for this year.

Cycle Dog, a Portland, OR based up-cycled dog gear company, makes use of spent bike tires by turning them into odor and bacteria resistant dog collars that are not short on character.  If you are in the Portland area, bring your pup to their large Play Yard to test toys and model those new collars before you buy. If you are not in the Portland area, don’t despair!  Cycle Dog has most of their incredible items online.  At TREDAGAIN, we believe in spoiling our 4-legged friends, and are proud supporters of Cycle Dog’s efforts to remove bike tires from the waste stream.  They even have a Texas Leash for those of us here in the Lone Star State.

Whole Earth Provisions, CO. is a local clothing, gear, toy, book, and shoe store with a location right in downtown Austin.  They regularly work with groups like The Nature Conservancy, Access Fund, Houston Food Bank, Big Bend Conservancy in terms of outreach and fund raising.  Whole Earth also goes beyond partnering and runs their own annual New Toy and Kids Book Drive benefiting Children and families around Central Texas.  Hurry to donate at any Whole Earth Location before December 17th so they have time to distribute before the Christmas holiday.  Make the trip doubly fruitful by picking up conscientious presents for your entire crew, as they have hundreds of responsibly made or sourced products, including TREDAGAIN shoes and sandals!

Tinggly is for those who want to step outside of the box with their holiday giving.  Instead of goods to consume, Tinggly offers experiences for you and a loved one, your neighbors, or friends across the globe.  Gifts from Tinggly come packaged as a gift box or an e-certificate, but the true gift is an experience, quite literally.  You simply select the level at which you would like to gift, and the gift is good for up to 2 years.  Recipients simply follow the instructions on their certificate to choose the experience and available location that works best.  In Texas, that ranges from indoor skydiving to beer tasting to horseback riding.  Many Tinggly experiences are perfect for the urban explorer in your life.  Make sure to include a new pair of TREDAGAIN shoes to get the lucky loved one well on their way!

Nau, an Oregon company that asks, “Can Business be a force for good?” uses sustainable fabrics, focuses on fashion, footprint, and quality, and steps outside of fleeting trends to bring pieces that are timeless and endure.  At Nau, they are environmentally and community focused, giving back 2% of every sale to make their dollars work for the change they want to see in the world.  Their ethic of continuous improvement and urban aesthetic make them an inspiring and complementary business for the TREDAGAIN team.  Our Commuter Series shoes promise to carry you where you need to go throughout your day, and Nau’s Millican roll packs and rucksacks will let you carry the gear you need in style.

We hope this list gets you well on your way this holiday season.  If you would like to highlight any inspiring businesses for the TREDAGAIN community, please comment!

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